Craft Beer

There have been few craft beer styles in recent years to see the same surge in popularity that the IPA has enjoyed. This hoppy style of beer has been around for hundreds of years, but only recently has it found a foothold in America. Indeed, there are some who would claim that the IPA has contributed more to the American craft beer renaissance than any other style.

It should come as no surprise, then, to hear that some of America’s best breweries have begun to produce IPAs of their own. Not only do these beers represent some of the very best American IPAs, but many of them are quite simply the best IPAs in the world today.

The 11 Best American IPAs

Todd The Axe Man

Surly Brewing Co. – 7.2% ABV

If the intimidating name and skull on the can’s logo didn’t give it away, this is one IPA that does not play around. This full-bodied beer contains the full range of flavors you expect from an American IPA while providing just enough of a kick to distinguish itself from some considerable competition.

Racer 5 India Pale Ale

Bear Republic Brewing Company – 7.5% ABV

Bear Republic Brewing Co.’s flagship IPA has spent the last few years garnering awards as quite simply one fo the finest bottles of heavily hopped beer you can find. Though it’s perhaps a touch more bitter than other American IPAs, the Racer 5 perfectly captures the classic style while finding time to infuse subtle flavor twists.

Sculpin IPA

Ballast Point Brewing Company – 7.0% ABV

Don’t be fooled by its distinctly hoppy aroma, as this American IPA from Ballast Point is actually one of the best IPAs in the world when it comes to easy drinking. Of course, don’t let its approachable flavor lead you into believing that this beer doesn’t run on pure IPA hop power either. It packs a hop punch like any other on this list.

Congress Street IPA

Trillium Brewing Company – 7.2% ABV

It’s rare that you get to describe an IPA as fruity while also citing it as one of the most balanced with hop and malt flavor. Congress Street IPA is a prime example of the new Northeast IPA by packing tasteful fruit notes from the juicy, tropical hop profile.

Focal Banger

The Alchemist Brewery – 7.0% ABV

This IPA has endeared itself to the craft beer community for proving that a light IPA can still pack in all the intensity of a traditional one. This shockingly drinkable powerhouse could only come to us courtesy of the mad scientist brewers at The Alchemist.


Alpine Beer Company – 7.0% ABV

This golden, crisp beer from San Diego may look like a lager, but the moment it hits your lips it leaves not doubt that this 7.00% ABV malty beast is every bit an American IPA, and one of the very best. The Nelson Sauvin hops and hint of rye in the malt bill make for a perfect combination of a light, hoppy, refreshing and highly drinkable IPA.


Tree House Brewing Company – 6.8% ABV

At 6.80% ABV, this IPA finds itself a tough below other brands in terms of stoutness, but several notches above the competition when it comes to flavor. Tree House Brewing Company really captured how refreshing an IPA can be with this one.

Alter Ego

Tree House Brewing Company – 6.8% ABV

Tree House is at it again with this dry take on their classic Julius beer that flirts more with the traditional style of IPA. Of course, there are few traditional IPAs that can equal its incredible flavor.

Two Hearted Ale

Bell’s Brewery – 7.0% ABV

The immediately identifiable hoppy aroma of a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale has long been the first indication to aspiring beer drinkers that this beer is indeed something special. One sip of this malty masterpiece just confirms the suspicion.

60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head Brewery – 6.0% ABV

The gold standard, flag bearer… whatever you want to call it, this continuously hopped IPA has served as many aspiring craft beer fans first taste of a proper American IPA. Years later, its compelling citrus notes still make it one of the best.

Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – 7.2% ABV

The stunning beauty of the Sierra Nevada region takes the form of an IPA with this incredibly daring American IPA. Whether you’re appreciating the piney aroma or simply sipping the surprisingly balanced hoppy flavor, this is truly a beer for all seasons.