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The Resurgence of Nitro Beers - What is a Nitro Beer?

The Resurgence of Nitro Beers

Nitro beers, or beer that has been prepared with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide as the engine that drives bubbles and the foamy head, is a relatively modern concept. The key idea came out of Guinness’s attempts to revolutionize their ...
Beer 101
Hop Varietals 101 Guide

Hop Varietals 101

The rising popularity of craft beer is in part due to the ethos of the small, independent craft brewer, but there’s more to it than the independent image: craft beer straight up tastes better than big beer. Brewers pay attention ...
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The Difference Between Gluten Free Beer and Gluten Reduced Beer

Gluten Free Beer vs. Gluten Reduced Beer

For beer lovers, a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is akin to being forbidden their favorite beverage. However, thanks to inventive beer-loving minds, that is now changing. In addition to the “full gluten” variety, delicious gluten reduced beer ...