Craft Beer, Craft Beer and Food

While fireworks, vacations, and months of not having to wear a jacket are all nice, when it comes right down to it, the biggest reason to cheer for the return of summer is that it also means the return of BBQs.

Most importantly, it also means being able to once again enjoy a beer with your BBQ. While craft beer and BBQ are already two of the finer things in life, pairing a great craft beer with BBQ is about as good as it gets.

As enjoyable as a proper craft beer with BBQ can be, though, finding that perfect pairing can actually be an intimidating prospect for true craft beer fans. After all, there are only so many BBQs in the summertime and you don’t want to waste any of them drinking an inferior beer. To make sure that you avoid missing out on an opportunity to enjoy the perfect BBQ and beer pairing, take a look at our list of the best craft beers to pair with BBQ, guaranteed to perfect your summertime fun!

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

Just above the strength of the popular 60 Minute IPA, and just below the power of the beastly 120 Minute, the 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head proves to hit that just right spot when it comes to enjoying a hearty beer that won’t weigh you down. Though best paired with equally stout food like sausages and steaks, the 90 Minute IPA is one of the most versatile summertime IPAs available today.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter

When you’re looking for a summertime beer that manages to capture that elusive quality of being refreshing without sacrificing full-bodied flavor, you’re looking for the Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter. The fine folks at Sierra Nevada┬ádid it again with this crisp brew that contains just enough hints of wheat flavor to invoke that feeling you get when you smell fresh cut summer grass.

Alaskan Smoked Porter

Alaskan Brewing Company is famous for their ability to infuse their beer with an uncommon amount of complex tastes, and this porter may just be their masterpiece. As the name suggests, this smoky brew finds itself right at home when paired with the billowing smoke of the summertime grill. Of course, Alaskan Smoked Porter’s depth and strength means you may want to wait until after sunset to crack one open.

Great Divide Hoss

A good lager may be the most classic beer pairing with BBQ, but a good lager is not always easy to find. This easy drinking rye lager from Great Divide Brewing Co. manages to separate itself from the pack by managing to showcase just how much flavor a lager can pack when properly brewed. The perfect compliment to a fine rack of ribs, this beer is a grilling man’s best friend.

Anchor California Lager

When you’re outside all day hovering around the grill, you sometimes need a beer that’s easy to knock back throughout the afternoon. This California Lager from Anchor Brewing Company certainly answers that call by dialing back just enough on the hops levels to ensure that it goes down smooth while still managing to pair perfectly with any bites you may snag throughout the afternoon.

What are your favorite craft beer and BBQ pairings? Let us know in the comments below!