Big Beer

Bud Light Promotes Same-Sex Marriage

Ahh, the almighty Bud Light. The beer that everyone knows and many don’t necessarily like. The beer that will make you wonder if it is really alcohol or carbonated water. Just like the title says, Bud Light recently launched an ad that promotes same sex marriage. It may be weird as the majority who consume it are widely thought to be against marriage that does not include one man and one woman. So why would they do this?

The Commercial

The commercial is comedic and does not take itself seriously. It is obvious once comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan appear on-screen. The two speak about how marriage ceremonies are all the same, it doesn’t matter if there are a bride and a groom or two grooms. They continue to make a few chuckle-worthy jokes afterwards like a hysterical bridesmaid who wants to be married. They close the commercial stating, “Bud Light proudly supports everyone’s right to marry whoever they want!”

The Price of Words

This can be seen as a positive or negative advertisement depending on your beliefs. This could potentially spawn a movement for the LGBT community, encouraging other craft breweries to release similar ad campaigns. On the other hand, this ad has the potential to garner backlash from the companies strongest consumers: middle America. Alienating specific people should not be a large concern as many young people do not have a problem with same sex marriage.

What Does This Mean For the Future?

This looks like a step in the correct direction. After all, isn’t craft beer about bringing people together? Anheuser-Busch has put their right foot forward with this advertisement, paving the way for other craft breweries to voice their opinion about the topic of the day. This could also be viewed as a strategic move for the company as they begin to target new demographics. Many beer companies tend to leave controversial topics for the other industries, incorporating this into their strategy could prove to be a valuable move.