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Lagunitas Beer Sanctuary, Taproom and Brewery Set to Open In Seattle

Craft beer and craft breweries are so synonymous with local business that any mention of purchase by a bigger brand is often met with hesitation or derision. This isn’t the case in Seattle where Lagunitas Brewing Company is putting down roots. The California-based brewery has been setting up shop in communities all over the country and Seattle is their latest stop.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

The Lagunitas Beer Sanctuary will open in Seattle, WA, featuring a tasting room and small brewery specializing in small batch beers.

What’s the difference this and the arrival of any other beer company? As founder Tony Magee puts it, this expansion isn’t part of a calculated business plan. Though the moves have been compared to Heineken’s attempts at a worldwide beer empire, this is more like an experiment in creating partnerships across the United States. This company is passionate about craft beer and community.

In Seattle, the Lagunitas Beer Sanctuary will be taking over the former Hillard’s brewery. The local craft brewery was recently sold to Odin Brewing Company and Lagunitas says that they won’t be changing much about the space. They’ll expand slightly and adjust some of the equipment, but they plan on making small batches of craft beer right there.

The space will be renamed the Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary. Which, if that sounds familiar, is the name they plan to give the space they currently have under contract in Charleston, South Carolina.

According to Magee, the whole point of this operation is to give people a place where they can come party and have fun. Lagunitas Brewing Company wants to form a connection with the community and curate a sense of belonging. They’ll bring their skills and passion to the table, their customers and guests will bring their own, and they’ll all share this passion together over craft beers in a local, easily accessible hangout.

And really, what’s more local than that?